Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers are a really great way to partner with us here at Grace Centers of Hope! Birthdays are the number one best way to help us raise funding for our programs for our men, women, and children’s programs! However, it doesn’t stop with birthdays and below you’ll find a list of other ideas and events you can utilize to begin your Facebook Fundraiser for Grace Cnters of Hope. If you have more questions regarding the Facebook Fundraising, please email Kyle at kcouch@gracecentersofhope.org. Also, don’t forget to reach out to your friends and family to encourage them to partner with Grace Centers of Hope in creating a fundraiser through Facebook!

Birthday Fundraiser

A fun way to celebrate your upcoming birthday and GIVE HOPE to those in need during a time where your friends and family may wonder what you would like for your birthday!

In Memory Of Fundraiser

Doing a fundraiser for those in need in honor of a loved one is a fantastic way to honor them and leave a lasting memory!

Holiday Fundraiser

Is your favorite holiday coming up? Did you want to celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving by encouraging others to give to those in need? Consider starting a Facebook Fundraiser for GCH!

Whatever special event you choose to create a Grace Centers of Hope Facebook Fundraiser in honor of, you will be raising funding for all of the programs listed below!
  • Women’s One Year Life Skills Program
  • Men’s One Year Life Skills Program
  • Children’s Programs including Hands of Hope
  • Career and Education Center
  • Men’s Aftercare Program
  • Women’s Aftercare Program
  • General Funds

Partner with Us

Without you, none of this would exist. Partner with us in rebuilding lives and bringing Hope to those who are hurting.

Your gift provides miracles!