Unique Holiday shopping? Check out Grace Donation Station!

Grace donation station is there to help you embrace the holiday spirit at Grace Centers of Hope Thrift Store Holiday Shop! This hidden gem isn’t just about presents—it’s a hub of giving that supports the homeless in your community. Did you know that, according to a recent census, there are over 61,000 homeless people in Michigan? Many of them are in the Detroit metro area, including Pontiac.  Everytime yo make a purchase at the Grace Centers of Hope Thrift Store, you are supporting all of the good work that we do to help our homeless neighbors. 

The Grace Centers of HOpe Thrif tStory HOliday Shop is truly a magical holiday shopping destination.  Nestled in familiar streets, this shop radiates warmth and joy. Yet, it’s not just the festive decor; it’s the purpose behind each purchase. Every item you buy carries that extra touch—it’s a gift with a cause. If you have goods that you want to contribute to our store, remember to check out the Grace Donation Station.  Click here to find a list of most needed items, and some that we unfortunately cannot accept. 

One of the many things you will discover when browsing the unique items at the Holiday shop is a treasure trove of vintage ornaments for your own tree.  Each ornament is brimming with untold tales of past holidays and locally crafted wonders. Here’s the magic: every purchase directly aids our shelter, offering warmth and hope to those in need.

Imagine selecting a thoughtful gift, knowing it goes beyond making your loved ones smile. Each purchase joins a stream of kindness, brightening the holidays for the less fortunate.

It’s more than the goods—it’s the heartfelt atmosphere. Enthusiastic volunteers share the stories behind each unique find. Their dedication invites everyone to be part of this larger mission.

This holiday, as you seek the perfect gift, consider this treasure trove. Your purchases aren’t just presents—they’re acts of kindness, supporting charitable organizations aiding those in need. Let’s make this season merry for all, one gift at a time.

Remember, if you have large items or a large amount of items to donate, you can even schedule a donation pick up by clicking here.  Grace Centers of Hope appreciate all donations to our Grace Donation Station. Wishing you all of the blessings of the season. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for supporting our important work at Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan.