It’s important to us that YOU know how our programs work. We look at everyone who comes to us for help as individuals with individual needs. Just as we look to help each person with what they need, we also have the immense pleasure of telling those individual stories of transformation!

The stories you will read are told vividly to illustrate the true redemption that has occurred in each person. Below are stories of the addicted finding hope, the homeless finding a home, and the abused being rescued.

These lives were transformed. Here’s the proof.

Featured Story

Sheila and her grandson

Sheila was born in Detroit in the mid 1960’s by a single mom who struggled with alcohol. Those struggles led to Sheila becoming a ward of the state by the age of 10. For those first few years Sheila was allowed to live with family members, but by the age of 13 she was placed in a group home. “The administrator of that home became a strong mother figure to me. We continue to have a good relationship to this day,” says Sheila.

Sheila graduated from Northwestern High School in the early 1980’s and shortly after had her first child and moved to California. While in California, Sheila had 2 more children and a short-lived marriage.

Stories of Hope

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Sheila was born in Detroit in the mid 60’s by a single mom who struggled with alcohol. Those struggles led to Sheila becoming a ward of the state by 10.

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Chris and Christina

Chris needed help to become the husband and father his family deserved.

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At the age of 58, Kevin has encountered more self-inflicted heartbreak that is beyond most of our imaginations.

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I found myself living in a home that was foreclosed on and I needed find a stable and safe place to raise my children.

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Everyone in my life was telling me to “JUST STOP!” I wanted nothing more than to stop the speeding train I was on.  God used Grace Centers of Hope and now… the future is bright! 

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From a very early age, I knew my role in life was to protect those around me.  Growing up in […]

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Veronica and Donovan

My five year old son and I were wanderers. I lost my job, and we had no place to call our own. I left my pride at the door, and I soon realized this place could give us a fresh start. 

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Dean and his Mom

A devoted mom who would do anything for her children and did. After the loss of her son, Molly didn’t think things could get worse.

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I used to think my drinking was under control, but then one day I realized my drinking was CONTROLLING ME! I burned all my bridges and had no one to turn to.

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Alicia’s Story

My name is Alicia and I’ve been at GCH for a little over 2 months now. I’m 32 years old, […]

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Life growing up was dysfunctional for me. My life was filled with drugs, alcohol, and sexual abuse as well. I […]

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Growing up, life was NEVER easy for me… Throughout my youth and adolescence, I struggled a lot with depression, anxiety, […]

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Hi, my name is Daniel, and Grace Centers of Hope saved my life. I never really had a problem with […]

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I was raised by a single mom who kept me from my father and his family, I grew up quite […]

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I had a wonderful childhood with a loving, caring, and supportive family. I first decided to try alcohol at 14 […]

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