Scott’s Testimony

Hi, my name is Scott, and I suffer from addiction. Over the years I have built up sobriety time but never was able to maintain it. Tragedy would strike, stress would hit me, or the sky was just too blue. Any reason for me to relapse, I took it…

I was praying for understanding, like “WHY?” Why do I continue on this vicious cycle of alcohol and pain? God revealed it to me. It was my unconditional love. Not my unconditional love for family and friends, but my unconditional love for being drunk. I tried to reason with myself to no avail, I had basically made alcohol my higher power. I put alcohol before my parents, my family, my kids, my wife, my career, and even my freedom. The part that hurt me the most, I realized, was putting alcohol before God. I was so far gone in my addiction, That I was begging God to just let me die. I tried to drink myself to death for quite a while, and I was ashamed. Christ died for our sins, but I was willing to die for alcohol. Total depravity, at its finest. The hurt I felt in my heart from the shame and guilt began to get very overwhelming. I was officially, and completely, BROKEN!

I finally am beginning to understand many of God’s scriptures, that I had taken for granted for so many years. I have asked for forgiveness for my wretched sins, and I’ve truly repented. Grace Centers of Hope has shown me that God’s love is unconditional and that His will can heal me. Some are under an illusion when arriving at GCH. Many residents believe that this program is ONLY for getting you clean and sober, but that is not the case. For some, it may be true. But for some, a true realization and revelation will occur. God led us here so that we could accept Christ into our lives. Without Him, we cannot truly live a life worth living.

God brought me here to a place, where, resources are available to me to get my affairs in order. I am in a place where I am healing, thriving, and LIVING again! Thank you, Grace Centers of Hope, for showing me that I’m still worth being loved!