Ryan’s Testimony

My name is Ryan Beets, and this is my story…

Growing up, my life was rough to say the very least. At 10 years old I began being molested, which left me lost, confused, empty, hurt, and embarrassed. I started using drugs at a VERY young age, trying to fill the void in my heart and escape my pain.

Fast forward a few years now, and I was stuck in full-fledged addiction with no escape in sight. My addiction didn’t simply “Affect” my relationships with others, it totally destroyed them. I had burned EVERY bridge I could imagine, and I still wasn’t done. Along with my addiction came lying, cheating, stealing, and constant dishonesty. I had become a horrible person, a true sinner…

I eventually hit the lowest point in my addiction, when I realized that I was completely alone in this world. I had lost my friends, my family, my job, and most hurtfully, I lost my children whom I ADORE! I was alone in a world of my creation, I was done with life… I just wanted to die.

It quickly began to sink in, the extent of the problems I had created for myself. May sound like a cliche but I was sick and tired, of being sick and tired. I missed my kids. I missed my family. I missed my happiness. I started talking to God and repenting, asking for forgiveness, guidance, and a purpose in life.

The biggest challenge I have had to face in my recovery was being patient. I’ve always wanted instant gratification, which is true of many addicts. I had to keep my strong belief in God and trust in His process. I didn’t know what God’s purpose for me was just yet, but I knew that He would reveal it to me with time. I have learned that patience is a virtue, and I must never forget that. Without God’s love, I would not have had the strength to overcome my addiction.

My family, my friends, and my children have played a HUGE part in my recovery. It took me a while to earn their trust back after years of destruction on my part, but they eventually came around. Trust is not given, it is earned. I now strive to live my life with true honesty, I never want to lose my family again!

If I could give some advice to someone still struggling with addiction, it would be to surrender fully to God, He won’t lead you astray. Though you may not understand your purpose just yet, in time God will reveal it to you. It is NEVER too late to follow Jesus Christ, He was waiting for you all along.

Since coming to Grace Centers of Hope, my life has made a COMPLETE 180! I have rebuilt relationships, I have legal rights to see ALL of my children, and can now I can be the positive role model that my kids have needed all along. I can now provide a safe, God-centered environment for them, something that I never had myself growing up. I am now part of an unbreakable brotherhood, a truly newfound family! Most importantly, I am now a child of God.