My five year old son and I were wanderers. 

I lost my job, and we had no place to call our own. I began substitute teaching, trying to make ends meet. Family and friends opened their doors to us in our time of need and we were grateful for their generosity. But, I knew in my heart, what I really needed to give my son was STABILITY. 

In 2014, my son and I entered the Emergency Shelter at Grace Centers of Hope. I left my pride at the door, and I soon realized this place could give my son and me a fresh start. 

As I learned more about the depth of this organization and its programs, I knew we would need more than a temporary shelter, so I committed to join the one year Life Skills Program. 

The classes and one-on-one sessions with my case manager revealed some of the broken areas in my life needing to be mended. While I was attending classes, my son was also thriving in his school environment. Living at Grace Centers of Hope for a year would give both of us the opportunity to finally TAKE ROOT! 

As the months passed, I saw a glimmer return to my son’s eyes as he flourished at his new school. I felt the renewal of my own self-confidence as I knew God was using this experience in our lives to strengthen our relationship with each other and Him. 

Fast forward 4 years…my son and I have our own apartment! I am employed at Hands of Hope Childcare Center, where I am able to teach children and mentor mothers who ARE where we WERE. My son is on the honor roll at his school and is even learning how to play the ukulele! 

My son and I are so grateful for the journey we had to travel to get where we are today. We thank God for the staff, volunteers, and donors who gave from their hearts so my son and I could have a better life.