Support Grace Centers of Hope for the good work they do every day. Here is Ricky’s story:

“My Life before Grace Centers of Hope was hopeless and sinful. Every moment outside of being here. I was a negative and hateful person with a manipulative mindset. I stole from my family, and they wouldn’t even let me come into their home anymore. That led to me becoming homeless and living in abandoned houses in Detroit, in the seven-mile and John R area.

I stole from convenience stores for food to eat, until I was caught. That left me eating out of restaurant dumpsters instead. Life before Grace Centers of Hope is a place I never want to revisit. I was hopeless, and helpless, totally depraved, strung out and barefoot, living in an abandoned house, and eating out of the trash like an animal. I thought I was too far gone and lost to ever have a chance at ever being anything good in this life. I had no faith in anything, my only prayer was to God, to please kill me or cure me. My drug use continued, and I burned every bridge possible. My life before GCH was very lonely and miserable, with no hope, no home, and no purpose or direction in life. Due to my drug addiction and lifestyle, I developed endocarditis and was in poor health.

I heard about Grace Centers Of Hope from friends and family. I called GCH and they had a spot for me, it was a big commitment but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Within one hour of being here, I knew it right away, I was at the right place and for the first time in nine years, I felt like I was home. This place has been a total blessing! They have taught and helped me to trust God and build a solid foundation and connection with him. My time at GCH has helped me rebuild my confidence and self-esteem. I look forward to the days now, instead of dreading them like I used to. Being here is helping me to become a good man, and to be a productive member of society. I want to give back and help others and stay on this path that I’m on.”


Support Grace Centers of Hope so they may continue to impact lives like Ricky’s every day.