I used to think my drinking was under control, but then one day I realized my drinking was CONTROLLING ME!  

I burned all my bridges and my family was tired of hearing my excuses and constantly coming to my rescue. I had nowhere and no one turn to. 

I would go to my job at a temp agency during the day, and they had no idea I was living out of my car. My life was going NO WHERE fast and I knew I needed help. I made my way to Pontiac in August of 2008 and I had just enough money to rent a small room for myself. One evening I was listening to the radio and I heard a Pastor talking about a place called Grace Centers of Hope. As I heard him describe the programs and how they help people, I knew I needed to go there to get my life in order. The next day, God brought me to the doors of Grace Centers of Hope, and my life was forever changed!

As I journeyed through the one year Life Skills Program I was assigned to volunteer at the Sterling Heights Thrift Store. I was amazed at how many people donated their items, and how many shoppers would purchase these items…all the money going to help people like ME. 

Toward the end of my year, I was hired full time as a part of the security team. I knew this was a very important job, and I took my role very seriously. I deposited every paycheck in the bank and quickly saw how I was actually building up a savings! 

In November of 2011, three years after graduating from the one year program, I had enough money saved to put a down payment on a home in the Grace Centers of Hope community. I had always wanted a home of my own, but I never dreamed it would be possible. I have a garage and a big yard, that I LOVE MOWING! 

In 2012, I was promoted to the Head of Security at Grace Centers of Hope! 

The best people in the world come through our front doors. I call it the GATEWAY TO GCH! I get to meet the children who bring in their piggy banks to give money to the homeless, and volunteers who have worked an 8 hour day at their own jobs, but then come here to serve dinner to our residents. 

This is an amazing place and I’m just so grateful to have a job where I am giving back to the organization that saved my life!