At the age of 58, Kevin has encountered more self-inflicted heartbreak that is beyond most of our imaginations. He began drinking at the young age of 15, entered the military at 18, and was an alcoholic by his early 20’s. “My entire life I lived by my rules and it nearly killed me,” said Kevin.

For nearly 22 years, Kevin played by his rules; drinking, addicted to crack cocaine, and going from job to job to support his habit. His addiction led him to four separate suicide attempts, being unemployed, living in a refrigerator box with nothing more than a sleeping bag, and being beaten by strangers on two separate occasions. Still not wanting any help from anyone for fear of having to “follow rules.”

In 2015, while living under a viaduct of a major highway in Detroit, a church group doing local missions for the homeless convinced Kevin to come to church and get off the streets.

“It could only have been through God, that I went,” said Kevin. “It was the last time I took a drink or did drugs.”
Kevin began staying with friends, couch surfing, trying to get his life back on track, but was continuously asked to leave for not following the rules. Although he remained sober, Kevin ended up on the streets again, searching for food in dumpsters, and sleeping under a bridge for nearly a year.

“I was homeless, heartless, and hopeless,” said Kevin. Remembering he had stayed at Grace Centers of Hope’s emergency shelter years ago, Kevin contacted us for help. “I was welcomed with open arms,” said Kevin.

As Kevin went through our One Year Life Skills program, he recalls always being encouraged by staff and them sharing God’s word. “I am no longer driving my own train; God’s driving now and I’m the caboose,” said Kevin. “I’m happy on purpose every day because God is back in my life and I thank Grace Centers of Hope for that.”