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“My name is David, and this is my story:

I am 42 years old and grew up in Algonac, MI. I have lived all over the state of
Michigan and even lived in Kentucky for 2 years. My trauma in life began early,
and I was never able to truly get away from it. My father was killed by a drunk
driver on his way to work when I was 17. I became a heavy drinker at a young
age, but I also liked ANY other mind-altering substance. My mom was an
alcoholic, so the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I eventually became a 3-
time felony drunk driver, and that made me feel truly terrible about myself. I
knew I needed to be there for my kids, but I knew that I was no good for them. I
was a mess.

Before coming to Grace Centers of Hope, alcohol had completely taken over my life. While I
wanted my life to revolve around my kids and the love I had for them, the
alcohol was too powerful. So instead of my kids getting the love they needed,
my life revolved around self-pity and trying to escape MYSELF. I had a terrible
attitude, no hope in life, a secular worldview, and true hatred for the person I had
become. I battled with suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety every single
day of my life now. I had pretty much drunk myself “stupid.” I was never really
book-smart, but the booze really took a toll on my brain and my mental state. I
was completely broke, spiritually dead inside…

When I first arrived at Grace Centers of Hope, I had no relationship with God, nor did I want to
have one. The notion of God and Jesus Christ saving a sinner like me sounded
like a fairytale. Since being here for 2 years, God’s will has opened my eyes and
my mind about a life that is worth living. God has instilled hope in me that i never
really had. He was there for me when I felt the most alone. Before treatment I
had a secular view of God, now I know that He is here for me every step of the
way. I walked in darkness almost my entire life, but only now with God can I see
a light. No human being could help me get sober, only the lord could.
My life continues getting better, day by day. I now have the truths about myself, I
now have a clear mind, and I deal with my problems better. I am becoming
healthy, in mind and body. I FINALLY have my G.E.D. which seems so simple,
but to me, it always seemed like a far-off dream. I still have my daily struggles
just like everyone else does, but now I don’t have to navigate my struggles in the
dark. God shows me the light when I need it most.

I was LOST for 30+ years of my life. I spent over half of my life chasing booze
and drugs, not caring about myself or the others around me whom I had hurt. It
has brought me overwhelming joy, catching up on all of life’s treats that I had

missed out on for all those years. Some things in my past I can never change,
and that’s okay. I can live in regret, or I can live for the future. I pray that
eventually, I can become the father I have always wanted to be, like my own
amazing father. I am still a wretched sinner, but I have the Lord by my side, and
that’s all I need to heal. It was His will for me to fight through the darkness and
come into the light. I may myself be far from perfect, but God’s love for me is

It’s because of stories like this that make Grace Centers of Hope a great charitable organization to support.