Charitable Donations to Support: Hello, my name is Holly Davidson, and this is my 2nd time at Grace Centers of Hope. . I am 38 years old and was raised in Georgia and Colorado. I was here in 2021-2022 for 7 months, then I left. I found myself back here 6 days ago when my life started to fall apart again.

Although I was never a drug addict, my other addictions controlled my life. I was addicted to being co-dependent on others, addicted to making myself a victim, and addicted to portraying a helpless damsel in distress. I truly needed healing.

I grew up in an abusive, and toxic home. I learned from my parents at a young age how to act like a helpless victim, and manipulate others around me into getting me what I needed. I became VERY co-dependent at a young age, which had a crippling effect later in life. I lost my abusive father to cancer at 13, and my mother at 27. I was molested by my brother when I was younger, landing him in jail. After that happened, the rest of the family blamed me for splitting our family up even more. I began judging myself more harshly than I ever had before, leading to anxiety, depression, and a newfound selfish mindset. 

I ignored God’s voice for quite a while, about leaving the abusive boyfriend I had ended up with. Instead of breaking up with my abuser, I ended up marrying him. I thought that if I could give him everything he wanted, we would both be happy. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the abuse only got worse from there. I believed I would gain inner peace by pleasing another person completely, but the problem was that I disliked the person I was, so inner peace was very far off. I began doing anything and everything I could just for people to tell me that I mattered. Whether the things I was doing were illegal or just simply frowned upon, I didn’t care.

Grace Centers of Hope has lifted the darkness I had inside my soul. I am able to now see God’s immense love for me, and it’s very comforting. Now that I am starting to love myself again, I can finally give the love to my 3 children that they so desperately needed. I can now be the mom that I was meant to be. I am now choosing accountability, and I will NEVER keep God out of my life again. 

Since coming to Grace Centers of Hope, I have gained more inner peace here than ever before in my life. I am slowly becoming the woman and the mom that God wants me to be. If I could give some advice to someone still struggling, it is to LISTEN to God’s voice. He will never steer you wrong. Trust in God to steer you through the fire, and make it to the other side; A GREAT LIFE!”

Holly Davidson

Grace Centers of Hope is a wonderful organization deserving of charitable donations to support their great work.