Every month we are blessed to have people like you come alongside us to give Monthly Miracles, small, medium, and large monthly donations to Grace Centers of Hope.

It’s through these gifts that we can build a sustainable set of programs that furthers our ability to offer hope. Hope here, comes in the form of meals served to those who are hungry. Beds offered to those who are tired. Hope is offered to those who have faced homelessness, abuse, and/or substance abuse.

Just think, for $20 a month you can provide 110 warm, nutritious meals for our residents throughout the year! Even for those little ones who have no say in the lives they are living. For $50 a month, you can provide 3 amazing field trips for the children at our Hands of Hope Daycare! For $100 a month, you can put 6 residents through our life-changing GED Program that will give them more opportunities to gain employment!

Please consider giving a Monthly Miracle today to not only change lives every month but to create a better tomorrow for those hurting and struggling today.