Meals and Hope

It’s that time of year when those impacted by hunger across Oakland County come to Grace Centers of Hope for meals and hope. We provide shelter to those struggling with homelessness, give structure and guidance to those affected by addiction, and offer security and safety to those hurt by abuse. We also feed all of these people 3 meals a day. With that comes the challenge of making sure we can offer that, this is where YOU, the true heroes of Grace Centers of Hope, come in.

You can secure a meal for a child, woman, or man who is experiencing one or all of these issues (homelessness, abuse, and/or addiction). Please partner with us today to provide HOPE in the form of a meal and consider giving hope to multiple people by purchasing many meals and hope for those in need this holiday season.

ahead of time, for considering those in need, and for being partners in our continuous efforts to cast a net of HOPE around those in our community and beyond.