Crystal’s Testimony

My name is Crystal Horner and im 33. I’ve been here at GCH since the beginning of January, almost a month now. 

I spent most of my childhood and adult life moving all over the state of Michigan following work. I was born in Flint but raised in Detroit. Even though I was always around hard drugs and alcohol from a young age, Marijuana is what really intrigued me. I started smoking weed at 14 and continued for almost 20 years. I never went more than a few hours without smoking weed. The weed had now begun giving me extreme anxiety, and panic attacks. Crippling anxiety and depression consumed my life. I wasn’t even able to walk into Walmart or any store without immediately wanting to run out. I FINALLY got up the courage to leave an abusive relationship I was in for years, it was time for me to feel safe again.

At one point in life I had a beautiful home, a Cane Corso puppy, and what I thought was a loving relationship for 3.5 years. Suddenly and randomly without provocation, he became physically and mentally abusive to me. I constantly felt scared, panicky, and anxious until I finally summoned the courage to leave. I had to leave my home, dog, and belongings behind to escape the abuse. I had nothing but the clothes on my back. I tried smoking weed again to deal with my anxiety, but it only worsened my anxiety. I knew I needed a way to cope with life, but I was lost without any ideas. That is when I heard about GCH from a friend of mine in their aftercare program.

When I first got to GCH, I was still feeling very anxious. I arrived here hopeless, homeless, broke, and BROKEN. Almost overnight, my anxiety began to ease. I started to feel comfortable like I WASNT hopeless anymore. I have a warm bed. I have warm food. I have felt nothing but a warm welcome since the day I arrived. I am no longer having panic attacks and finally have peace of mind. I feel safe and calm, It is truly an amazing feeling!

Grace Centers of Hope is truly a light at the end of a dark tunnel for MANY. If you are homeless, addicted, or in an abusive relationship, just know that THERE IS HOPE! If you think you are unloveable or unworthy, you are wrong. ALL are worthy of our God. When you are ready to make a change, GCH will leave its doors open for you!