Christian’s Testimony

Growing up, I was very fortunate to have what I considered, the perfect family. I grew up in a safe neighborhood, never wanting anything that we didn’t already have. From a young age, I took a fascination with musicians, because their lives seemed fun, rebellious, and carefree. I looked up to their “Extreme” lifestyles…

As I got older I began drinking more and more, which slowly began to ostracize my family. I have been extremely lucky to always have my family’s support, but for quite a while I had lost all of their trust. They still loved me but from afar… My drinking had lowered their expectations of me, which hurt my pride quite a bit. Outside of Grace Centers, I don’t really have friends so I suffered through my alcoholism all alone.

I had quite a few “Low Points’ in my addiction, but nothing more than the day I got caught stealing a pint from the liquor store. I had stolen before but had never gotten caught. Whatever pride I had left shriveled and dried up that day. I had sought help for my drinking before, but I think I was finally just sick and tired of being sick and tired for lack of a better clichè.

Being in recovery wields its own challenges, like understanding that I am NOT in control of my life, my higher power is. When I came to understand God a lot more, things became vastly different in my recovery. Knowing that God has a better plan for me instead of drinking my life away, has been a massive realization for me as well. 

My life has changed IMMENSELY since coming to Grace Centers of Hope. I have the respect of my family back, I have a good job, a sense of community, and a LIFE to look forward to. Without Grace, I honestly don’t know where I would be today…

I promise you that dealing with addiction on your own DOESN’T get easier, but I promise you that God will guide you through this journey. This was the place for me to hit the reset button on my life, and I truly hope that someone who is struggling can get the same opportunities and love that I have gotten!