Brianna’s Testimony

Hi everybody, my name is Brianna Sanford, and I’m from Copper Center, Alaska! I have been at Grace Centers for 4 months, and my drugs of choice are Meth and Alcohol.

I grew up with a mother who was constantly sick and in the hospital due to her Diabetes. Aside from being a diabetic, she was addicted to Cocaine and Alcohol as well. Whenever she wasn’t sick, she spent the rest of her time partying, doing drugs, and getting in and out of abusive relationships because our dad had left when I was a baby. He was a drunk as well, unfortunately. It runs in the family I guess.

I had an older brother named CJ, and an older sister named Christa, and we all grew up together. I was ALWAYS cleaning something because it was always filthy in our house. Empty liquor bottles, trash, and broken items often littered the floor. My mom told us that she knew she would always be an addict, until the day she died. We knew that it was just a matter of time now.

My brother and sister tried to raise me to be tough, so I could put aside all the trauma I had already experienced. I knew my mom wouldn’t be any help. We had all been abused sexually, emotionally, and physically throughout our lives. My mom eventually passed away in 2006, and that’s when we were put into State Foster Care. Was adopted by a loving family, who introduced me to Christ. I thought I had gotten my life back on track, but that would all soon change…

I thought that the darkness of my past life was all behind me when I met a man named Daniel and fell madly in love. Soon enough, he ended up breaking my heart. At that point, I quickly started to drink my life away. The pain I felt was unbearable, and I vowed to never fall in love again.

The next 12 years of my life would consist of CONSTANT drinking and drug use, and I had a daughter during that time as well. I was so stuck on my selfish addiction, that I was truly a terrible mother. I was almost ready to completely give up on life.

My foster parents told me I would die soon if I didn’t get myself clean. The problem now was, that I had no idea where to start! My foster parents had heard about Grace Centers of Hope from friends, and they arranged to get me to Michigan. Deciding to put aside my pride and flying across the country to get help was the BEST decision I have ever made. This is only the beginning of my story… 🙂